Clearing a path with well integrated tech

Dovetailing off of the famous Marc Andreessen quote, I'd say it's fairly plain to see that software has indeed been eating the world for some time now. The ever-evolving sales and marketing SaaS landscape has made customer acquisition software (broadly defined) easier to use, more easily integrated, and it's less expensive than it's ever been.

While that is all true, it is also true that sales and marketing software is still very difficult to use at scale, very difficult to integrate at scale, and is still very expensive to scale.

I'm Charlie Muir. I help SaaS companies and marketplace startups build and fix their customer/user acquisition flows with one thing in mind: ending repetition in a scalable way. Each case is unique but no employee's time is best spent executing basic business rules — leave that to me; I teach machines to do it.

With the repetition minimized, and better data, we can begin to optimize the most important parts of the funnel with multivariate testing. Perhaps more importantly however, the rest of the organization has a clearer path to focus on their core competencies. Client Success manually sends fewer emails and has greater bandwidth for tackling bigger picture items. Marketing and Product drive more customers to make self-directed purchases. Sales does more actually selling and does so with clients which have demonstrated higher levels of interest.

It's a game of incremental but compounding wins. Cost-to-Acquire-Customer falls. Lifetime Value rises.

I'm a full stack growth hacker (for lack of a better term). I'm a builder at heart, but I am a manager by trade. I've helped design product, attract and acquire customers/users, design and implement first run experiences and subsequent on-boarding engagement, and then I've funneled all of the data gained by these efforts into easily digestible reports for data-driven decision making. Like I said; I'm full stack.

I put together this website with a fairly narrow audience in mind. This audience has had the firsthand burden and wonderful opportunity of having a business with the prospect of growing revenue in the triple digits annually, and can truly appreciate the level of effort and cooperation that will require.

If what I've said resonates with you, then take a look around. Get some further context by looking at some examples of the things I've worked on. If you have a project or a position that you can see intersecting with my skill set, then feel free to set up a time to chat (via my Calendly) or send me an email at