Living wage for the first 40; Equity for the second 40

As I transition out of my growth roll at, I've had the honor of meeting with some truly sharp founders/co-founders as I search for my career's next home. As these conversations progress, a discussion around compensation becomes inevitable. To me, nothing other than a win-win outcome in negotiating salary makes any sense. I thrive in every way when I work 60 to 80 hour weeks. So for me, the way to align a long term win-win here is this: A living wage for the first 40 hours a week I work, and reasonable allotment of options for the second 40 hours a week I put in. To me as long as I have a decent place to lay my head at night and a non-trivial measure of skin in the game, I'm all-in. I'll be happy as a clam staying heads down until a liquidation event. 

Source: WynnLasVegas