Growth Lead
ListReports -

Orange, California - AUG 2016 - DEC 2017

● SaaS startup that makes marketing software for mortgage loan officers and real estate agents  
● Employee #12 of 45+/- (3-4x head count in 13 months)
● Helped 3x Annual Run Rate (starting from the low millions) over 14 months
● Reported directly to CEO, Ajay Shah
● Co-established the one of the US's most comprehensive private loan officer database
● Developed and deployed our CRM with our sales & marketing automation
● Integrated those data sets with users' corresponding data (billing, user engagement, client success, et al.), into a single source-of-truth database

Head of Growth
Digsy -

Orange, California - MAY 2015 - AUG 2016

● Employee #4 at Commercial Real Estate Tech company; akin to a decentralized brokerage
● Originated a pipeline of $13.7M in top line revenue from a $69K ad spend over 12 months
● Developed our outbound sales initiative adding 10+% in additional deal flow within 30 days
● Developed our outbound agent recruiting initiative doubling our New York agent roster over 30 days
● Aided in a 50% improvement in organic results for key search terms in a very competitive search landscape over 6 months

Growth Investigator
Lawn Love -
San Diego, California - OCT 2014 - MAY 2015

● Employee #4 at Y Combinator Summer 2014 batch company
● Built a model to measure cost to acquire customer, lifetime customer value, and ROI
● Designed, copy-wrote, and deployed core drip email campaign
● Developed a system of sourcing as-needed supply to expand in balance with demand
● Helped expand from Southern California to 10 cities over 4 time zones in 9 months
● Was instrumental in adding hundreds of lawn techs to our platform while adding several thousand customers