Startup Projects


DEC 2013 - Present

I am currently testing the viability of a peer-to-peer marketplace (of sorts) for parking information.  The project's thesis is that parking in congested areas has been a persistent problem with the same solution since the horse and carriage.  I am 100% sure that humanity can do much better, but the question becomes how?  There are some big obstacles to overcome; working with government, overcoming parking's established social and economic norms, as well as entrenched incumbents with little desire to change - just to name a few.  Rethinking parking is a very interesting problem which is much more nuanced than it first appears.  With ParkingHaver I have been tinkering with Android Development Tools (ADT), researching the ins-and-outs of parking, and Getting Out of the Building, to validate/invalidate hypotheses as per the Business Model Canvas.  Interesting Fact: ParkingHaver is an esoteric double entendre; Haver not only means you'll have a spot, but Haver is also Magyar (Hungarian) for "buddy" - at least according to Google Translate.

AUG 2008 - MAR 2009 

Collabaril was a nutritional supplement company that branded and marketed white label dietary supplements.  Armed with my BlueBirdVR experience, I set out to work with local (rather than overseas) web developers in the Boston area.  I wanted to work with people I could sit face to face with in order to foster a richer exchange in the design and build process of a business-to-consumer internet company.  My previous startup experience was incredibly helpful.  I was able to get a great looking and functional site live, I filled inventory, and then went out to get customers.  What I learned is that pay-per-click advertising alone is less than the ideal way to build a bootstrapped business, particularly in a very competitive space.  I learned that web marketing is constantly evolving and ever changing, and that getting traction (users and paying customers) is really about authentic customer engagement made possible by creating (and curating) web content that your customers find meaningful.  I walked away from Collabiril knowing that adding genuine and unique web content for your company’s customers (and other stakeholders) is the cornerstone upon which a best practices marketing effort is built.

BlueBird Vacation Rentals
JUL 2007 - MAR 2008 

“Bluebird” is a skiing term that describes the perfect cloudless day following a big snowstorm.  BlueBird Vacation Rentals was a rental property startup which would manage vacation rental properties in the areas adjacent to ski resorts.  The idea was to specialize in the niche ski resort market and cater to the unique needs on both the supply side (property owners/managers) and the demand side (renters).  I learned quite a bit from my first at bat with a startup.  I learned how to write wireframes and spec documents to help developers realize the look, feel, and functionality of my project.  My biggest takeaways from BlueBird though, were both a profound respect for the art of being an impactful member of a team, and that leadership is a skill with overwhelming amounts of subtlety which requires continual refinement.