Growth Investigator
Lawn Love -
San Diego, CA - OCT 2014 - Present

● 4th employee at Y Combinator Summer 2014 batch company.
● Managed daily deal offers and built a system to truly measure cost to aquire customer, lifetime customer value, and ROI.
● Coordinated offline marketing efforts including the associated metrics tracking to ensure .
● Copywriting and structural design of customer drip email campaign.
● Designed and aggregated data for targeted direct mailing campaign.
● Developed a system of sourcing as-needed supply.

SummerSalt Villa -

Tortola, British Virgin Islands - AUG 2011 - Present

● Identified opportunities to increase exposure in relevant property rental marketing channels.
● Lead price discovery along with a simplified rate structure to optimize revenue.
● Forged a relationship with a strategic partner that increased revenue and externalized business processes.
● Lead website redesign that allows for integrated content marketing and customer engagement.
● Manage day-to-day operations involving staff and customer service.
● Doubled YOY revenue over the first twelve months and sustained double digit growth in 2013.

Futures and Options Broker
Expo Futures -

San Jose, California MAR 2011 - AUG 2011

● On-boarded new customers.
● Fielded inbound leads generated from website visitors.
● Cold called high net worth individuals for lead generation.
● Analyzed option premiums versus margin requirements to identify market opportunities based on firm's thesis.
● Performed customer service tasks including software walkthroughs, troubleshooting, & billing discrepancies.
● National Futures Association (NFA) Series 3 licensure.

B2B Account Executive
Boston Carriage -

Boston, Massachusetts - MAR 2011 - AUG 2011

● Helped launch an account acquisition campaign.
● Expanded the partnership network that sold third-party service for clients traveling outside our service area.
● Represented the company at trade shows and networking events.

B2B Account Executive
Torrance, California - JAN 2004 - APR 2005 

● Identified sales opportunities and executed cold-call campaigns to acquire new accounts.
● Responsible for general product knowledge of a wide array of hardware, software, and electronics.
● Grew business extended relationships based on being available, dependable, and deft problem solving.